National Association of Liberal Professionals

Promotion and defense of liberal professionals in Portugal

As those with intellectual qualifications, including of an artistic and cultural nature, responsibility, autonomy, and independence, in the best interests of consumers and the community at large.

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Recent activities

Let’s give the Liberal Professionals a voice!

There is a different and deeply unfair treatment in Portugal and many European countries between employees and self-employed professionals. It is essential for liberal professionals to implement their own Statute. So that some don’t remain “more equal” than others. The National Association of Liberal Professionals, ANPL, is assumed in Portugal as the only interprofessional voice…

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ANPL, the Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions is registed in the EU Transparency Register

We are very happy to inform that European Union’s Transparency Register has validated the registration of Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions. Our registration is now public. The scope of action of the Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions, Associação Nacional dos Profissionais Liberais, is the following: Representing liberal professionals nationally and internationally;Defining the Liberal Professional Statute;Defending…

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