Liberal professionals in the European Parliament

Social Protection for liberal professionals under analysis.

The president of ANPL, Orlando Monteiro da Silva, was present at the European Parliament in Brussels to attend the Final Conference of the Mutuus project.

The Mutuus  project is co-financed by the European Union and  focused on the extension of social protection to the professional self-employed (PSE), considering that social rights (which include the right to an adequate social protection also for the self-employed) are one of the priorities of the current Commission.

In the end, Orlando Monteiro da Silva mentioned, “we confirm that it is of utmost importance to harmonize the European social protection agenda for self-employed and liberal professionals with the specificities of Portugal. We will continue to work in Portugal with the Government and the Assembly of the Republic on this important aspect.”

Theodoros Koutroubas, CEPLIS director general, with Orlando Monteiro da Silva, ANPL president.

Check out the “Mutuus Final Conference on Social Protection for Professional Self-Employed” programme (pdf).