ANPL, the Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions is registed in the EU Transparency Register

We are very happy to inform that European Union’s Transparency Register has validated the registration of Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions. Our registration is now public.

The scope of action of the Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions, Associação Nacional dos Profissionais Liberais, is the following:

  • Representing liberal professionals nationally and internationally;
  • Defining the Liberal Professional Statute;
  • Defending legal, economic, labor, intellectual and social rights in contracting, taxation, intellectual property, social protection, namely in health, maternity, employment, unemployment, underemployment and retirement;
  • Developing and promoting quality and adequate remuneration in the provision of services;
  • Supporting the continuous training of liberal professionals;
  • Monitoring the mobility of self-employed professionals within and outside the European Economic Area;
  • Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation, and digitalization in the exercise of liberal professions;
  • Fostering adaptation to the challenges of digitization, artificial intelligence, robotics, and new ways of making work available;
  • Disseminating and promoting access to effective community funds and support;
  • Promoting use of arbitration mechanisms; and
  • Promoting overall administrative simplification.

Out of all activities covered by the Register, ANPL highlights the following:

  • The State of Liberal Professions Concerning their Functions and Relevance to European Civil Society
  • Entrepreneurs Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship
  • NEXT Generation EU
  • Social Security Policies
  • Fiscal Policies regarding Liberal Professions
  • EU legislation regarding Qualifications and Services

Orlando Monteiro da Silva, President of ANPL, comments:

…” our Registration consolidates at EU level, the transparency, pertinence, and the information about all aspects of the ANPL and its members, as requested by the European institutions, in a clear, consistent, complete, and accurate manner. Our scope is to be the voice of the Portuguese liberal professionals not only in Portugal but also at the EU level. Both approaches are clearly linked and inseparable.”…

ANPL will be following the EU institutions, for example when applying for European Parliament accreditation or when participating in public consultations organized by the European Commission with the objective of influencing the formulation or implementation of policy or legislation, or the decision-making processes of EU institutions, bodies, offices, and agencies.

These activities may include, as referred by the EU institutions:

  • Organizing or participating in meetings, conferences or events;
  • Participating in consultations or hearings;
  • Organizing communication campaigns, platforms, networks or grassroots initiatives; and
  • Preparing or commissioning policy and position papers, amendments, opinion polls, surveys, etc.
    Through the registration of ANPL, we follow the Commission’s recommendations, thus:
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to openness about the interests we represent relation to the EU institutions;
  • Raising our profile in Brussels;
  • Telling our partners and competitors that we are bound by the Register’s code of conduct; and
  • Carrying out several activities that are not possible for unregistered groups.

Interest representatives, such as ANPL, must be registered to:

  • Request access authorizations to European Parliament premises for individuals representing them;
  • Be invited to speak at Parliament’s committee hearings;
  • Be able to participate in intergroups and other unofficial groupings activities organized on Parliament premises;
  • Meet the Secretary-General and Directors-General of the General Secretariat of the Council;
  • Participate in thematic briefings for interest representatives organized by the General Secretariat of the Council;
  • Participate, in their professional capacity, as speakers in public events organized by the General Secretariat of the Council;
  • Meet Commissioners, members of their cabinets and Directors-General of the Commission;
  • Be invited to join Commission expert groups.

The ANPL, Portuguese Association of Liberal Professions TR ID number in the Transparency Register is 742011744953-87.