Liberal Professionals join CIP, the Portuguese Business Confederation

In a meeting held on March 9th, the Board of Directors of CIP admitted the Portuguese Association of Liberal Professionals as a Partner Entity.

As a Social Partner, CIP has a seat on the Economic and Social Council, the Permanent Commission for Social Dialogue, and over 150 national public bodies where it represents and defends its members and the interests of companies in the preparation of public policies.

The ANPL will have access to a team of specialized technicians in environmental and energy issues, labor law and social policies, economics and taxation, European affairs, and international trade.

CIP: Pioneers defending companies and free enterprise.

CIP was created in 1974 and it has built a relevant chapter on Portuguese democracy and associativism ever since. This is it´s legacy. CIP carries the voice of business and defends the private enterprise and the market economy.

CIP  is the largest and the most representative Employers Confederation in Portugal, firmly committed to champion progress and well-being in Portugal.

CIP represents more than 150.000 enterprises, which employ 1,8 million employees and generate a summed turnover equal to 71% of the Portuguese GDP.

The National Association of Liberal Professionals, (ANPL), is assumed in Portugal as the voice for the defense and promotion of liberal professionals, freelancers and consultants, understood as the “holders of qualifications of an intellectual nature, including those of artistic and cultural, promoting their responsibility, autonomy and independence in the best interests of consumers and the community in general”.

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